Change I-Thinking to WE-Thinking & Build a Healthy, Thriving Organization

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We are experiencing unprecedented changes. Businesses and global communities are more challenged than ever before, and it feels as though there has been a sudden and profound interruption in business continuity. Judith E. Glaser, author of the best selling Creating WE calls the crossroads at which we find decisions too difficult to make The Edge – where our resources are few, and our old approaches no longer produce successful results. At these moments of greatest challenge – we often turn away from others, trying instead to handle challenges on our own. Old-style leadership suggests that leaders should have the answers – and that solutions should come from the top down – to be given to, and implemented by, employees. New-style leadership recognizes that leaders don't have all the answers,and that they instead need to learn how to involve their entire organizations in strategizing for success. Glaser calls this new, inclusive approach ‘WE-Centric’ Leadership.

"A central premise of Creating WE is that an organization's ability to get to its next level of greatness is determined by the climate of the culture, which is determined by the quality of relationships, which depend on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversation."

Judith E. Glaser

Creating WE is a vast reservoir of incredible insights and valuable stories, drawn from large scale projects with companies such as Clairol, Donna Karan International, Revlon and many others.

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