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"To get to the next level of greatness, depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations!" Judith E. Glaser, Founder Bring your team or organization to the next level of greatness.

Innovative Conversational Intelligence® Programs

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Foundations of C-IQ

Foundations of Conversational Intelligence is the first phase to Accreditation in Conversational Intelligence and is focused on building awareness and C-IQ self-mastery.

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C-IQ for Leaders

Results are achieved not through command, authority, and control, but by facilitating the highest and best contributions of people throughout the organization.

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C-IQ for Teams

A pioneering, innovative technology to diagnose and address a corporate culture that is not achieving its potential. Eliminate silos and competition—encourage collaboration. Get powered by Conversational Intelligence.

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C-IQ Neuro-tip Cards & Facilitator Guide

53 cards with incredible tips and ideas for leaders to know and use every day at work to create the ‘mental-space’ and ‘physical space’ for a healthy thriving organization.

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by Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, Conversational Intelligence Leader & Senior Consultant

Am I safe?? Being part of a WE is so essential to human survival and evolution that we are literally wired to engage – if we feel safe enough. Imagine how Taylor felt taking the seat in each scenario. All those subtle signals – facial expressions, tones of voice, gestures, posture, and more – are received and responded to by our nervous systems in ways that are foundational to our experience.


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C-IQ & Neuroscience Timely Articles

Shifting Conversations

Shifting Culture Through Conversations

By Ute Franzen-Waschke, CreatingWE Institute C-IQ Leadership Team

“Everything happens through Conversations” was the mantra of the late Judith E. Glaser and is a key component of her body of work Conversational Intelligence®, which looks at the neuroscience of conversations and more specifically at the Neurochemistry of Conversations®.


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