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The CreatingWE® Institute (CWI) and CWI Members are engaged in wide ranging research. Working individually and in teams, our various research projects encompass a broad scope of workplace, etc. topics including:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Brain Research
  • Branding*
  • Gender Intelligence
  • Generative Connectivity
  • High Performing Virtual Teams
  • Organizational Change
  • Sustainability
  • Thought Leadership*

* How brand Strategy, Leadership and other aspects of business and organizations affect their whole.

The following links reveal and highlight the Positive Neuroscience research of CWI Member, Rex E. Jung, PhD.

Our Work

CWI and its Members are engaged in bringing their consumate and individual expertise to a range of clients including Fortune 500s, small businesses and other types of organizations.

In addition to our consulting work, The CreatingWE® Institute and its Members publish extensively - including books & multimedia and white papers - while participating in other forms of media and outreach, including speaking engagements, webinars, podcasts and more.

Judith E. Glaser Judith E. Glaser
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Jon Entine Jon Entine
Abraham's Chuldren by John Entine No Crime But Justice by Jon Entine Let Them Eat Precaution by Jon Entine Pension Fund Politics by Jon Entine Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It by Jon Entine
Roz SunleyRoz Sunley
Jennifer LeighJennifer Leigh
Educating for Responsible Management by Roz Sunley and Jennifer Leigh
Lisa Giruzzi Lisa Giruzzi
31 Days to Transform Your Life by Lisa GiruzziDiscover Dream by Lisa Giruzzi
William Giruzzi
A Life Worth Living by William Giruzzi
Bud Bilanich Bud Bilanich
Straight Talk for Success by Bud Bilanich4 Secrets of High Performing Organizations by Bud BilanichYour Success GPS by Bud BilanichFixing Performance Problems bu Bud BilanichUsing Values to Turn Vision into Reality by Bud Bilanich
Deborah Dumaine Deborah Dumaine
Write to the Top by Deborah DumaineInstant Answer Guide to Business Writing
Jerry ManasJerry Manas
Napoleon Project Management by Jerry ManasManaging the Gray Areas
Barbara BiziouBarbara Biziou
The Joy of Ritual by Barbara BiziouThe Joy of Family Rituals
Deb Palmer GeorgeDeb Palmer George
Your Thriving Nature by Deb Palmer George
European CIQ CollectiveEuropean C-IQ Collective
Changing Conversations for a Chaning World

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